RAM TRAC Corporation


OVERVIEW: RAM TRAC provides unbiased technical, scientifically objective consulting services in environmental toxicology, human health risk assessment, and toxicological risk management.





Dr. Robert Michaels is president of RAM TRAC Corporation, consulting in toxicology and health risk assessment to public interest, corporate, and government clients.  ‘Dr. Bob’ has published extensively on toxic substance measurement, health risks, risk management, and policy. He has served as consultant to the U. S. Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, Chairperson of the State of Maine Scientific Advisory Panel, and staff toxicologist of the Natural Resources Defense Council.  Dr. Michaels is an elected Life Member of the New York Academy of Sciences, Chairperson of the Certification Review Board of the Academy of Board Certified Environmental Professionals, Secretary of the NFPA Technical Committee on Classification and Properties of Hazardous Chemicals, Board Member of the National Association of Environmental Professionals, and has been admitted as a Member of the American Association for Aerosol Research, Society for Risk Analysis, Society of Toxicology, and other professional societies.